Our magnets can be ordered as a package of 9. The size of a magnet is identical to the size of an Instagram image as shown on the display of your mobile device. We use high quality magnet foil to produce. Price € 14,95 incl. free shipping in Europe.


Our postcards can be ordered as 15 postcards + a magnetic cord to hang your cards onto. Send them as your uniquely designed (holiday) cards with personalised text at the front or hang them high on your wall. The magnetic cord is 150cm long and holds 8 magnets and a weight to keep it steady. Price € 25,95 including VAT & free shipping in Europe.


Personalise these popular black notebooks with your favourite images. This A6 size (14cm by 9cm) notebook easily fits in your bag. Manufactured with a solid black cover and elastic closure. 80 pages lined paper inside. Price € 19,95 incl. free shipping in Europe.



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